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How to search the AUCTION CATALOGUE ?

You are able to search the complete information added in this database which means that you sometimes get too much information.

In example: When you type in 'shanghai' in the search field you will get the following information from the database:
Items with the group 'Shanghai' and items with the word 'Shanghai' in the text.

If you type in 'w5' you will get the stampset 'W5'.

If you type in 'hangchow' you will get all sets and letters with the word 'Hangchow'.

If you type in 'SG2498-2503' as mentioned in the Stanley Gibbons catalogue you will get the Giant Pandas set(s) but you can also type in 'pandas' or 'N14' to find these lots.

Please try to find the stamp(s) or letters you want.


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