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Payment Instructions

We aim at presenting our calculations as clearly as possible, so that you will not be faced with surprises when receiving the invoice.
Whenever you have a balance, whether due or outstanding, this has been indicated as 'previous balance' and included in the total amount.
The net total amount is due to D & O Trading, in other words: your payment should include the costs of cashing cheques, costs of transfer etc.

Each possibility of effecting payment to D & O Trading is briefly explained below:

International Money Order

No longer handled in The Netherlands

Postal Giro (Now ING Bank)

Here you have three possibilities:

  1. You pay to D & O Trading through the Dutch Postbank, where you have an account. This will apply to Dutch buyers, several inhabitants of Belgium and a few Dutch people residing abroad who have a postal giro account at their disposal.
  2. You effect transfer from your postal giro account abroad to our postal giro account in The Netherlands. This is possible using our BIC and IBAN codes as mentioned in our payment instructions.
  3. D & O Trading also has a Postal Giro account in Germany. This will apply to German buyers. Otherwise you have to transfer using our BIC and IBAN codes. (see above)

Paper money

You may also send us banknotes as payment of your invoice. Please remember that in most countries the sending of banknotes through the post is prohibited. In your own interest, your parcel should always be sent to us by registered mail.
The amount received will be converted into EURO at the exchange rate valid on the day of receipt.
Any differences will be stated on the next invoice under 'previous balance'.
We will only accept EURO and US$ notes.


Wells Fargo dropped our bankaccount in the US and we are not able to accept cheques in US$, drawable upon a U.S. bank without charges..
For all cheques (including cheques in EURO) a surcharge applies of EURO 18.75 for costs of transfer. (These are the costs charged by our bank for cashing the cheque)

Payment via Swift

This is the quickest way to effect payment, through the international 'Swift' network. You instruct your bank to transfer the invoice amount. Within one day (in case of telegraphic transfer), we are informed that the amount has been received. Please note that all amounts are due 'net' to D & O Trading and you have to pay all costs for transfer.
In many countries, including the USA, it is necessary to visit the bank in person for this instruction.
Please remember always to use our BIC and IBAN codes.

Credit Cards

At the request of many buyers we also offer the option of paying by credit card. If you have not indicated this you may always send or fax us the slip of paper at the bottom of the payment instructions.

Please note: The costs charged for this service by the credit card companies have to be paid by you, since D&O Trading will only receive the net amount.
These costs differ per company and have been included in the amounts shown.

We accept the following credit cards:
  • American Express
  • VISA/JCB Card
  • Eurocard/Mastercard

Unsigned slips cannot be accepted.
Don't forget to include your Card Validation Code