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General Conditions

  • All labels are genuine and in mint condition.
  • All offers are valid for as long as the labels are kept in stock. All prices can be changed without notice.
  • All prices quoted in this listing are D&O net selling prices in US$.
  • All ordered labels will be sent by registered mail. Clients outside the EEC receive their invoice by separate mail. All costs for postage and packing will be added to the invoice of the invoice total is below EURO 75.
  • Buyers unknown to us will receive the invoice first. Labels will be sent upon receipt of payment.
  • All invoices have to be paid within 21 days from the date of the invoice. If the invoice has not been paid within this period we will add interest at a rate of 1% of the invoice total for every month or part thereof.
  • Payment may be made in US$ or any other freely exchangeable currency. If payment is made in a currency other than US$ or EURO, the amount will be converted at the purchase rate of the banks valid on the day the payment arrives.
  • No guarantee can be given to supply all the labels listed since it is not always possible to buy sufficient additions to our stock.


The general description is as accurate as possible. We have to make reservations with respect to the areas in which the labels were used.
For such information we fully depend on information from collectors in China. We have been unsuccessful in getting this information confirmed by the Chinese Post.

Catalogue numbers have been divided into groups and subgroups based on design characteristics. We have adopted this system of numbering because it is easy to add new groups or subgroups whenever new labels turn up. As no dates of issue are known, the listing is not chronological.

Prices are in US$. All prices for the labels are based on our own
purchase prices. As prices depend on supply and demand it may be possible that in the future some prices will turn out to be too low and others too high.

We intend to update this catalogue regularly to include new labels that come to our attention. These updates will be added to the regular D&O auction catalogues.

We are most interested in receiving additional information, especially if collectors have one or more of the labels on cover. We like to know the date and the area from which the cover originates. Of course we also appreciate any information about labels not yet listed. If you have one or more of these labels please send a black photocopy 1:1 and an enlargement, preferably at 200%. Please send all your information about labels to D&O Trading, P.O. Box 97, 9800 AB ZUIDHORN, The Netherlands.