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How Our Auction Works...

Our auction is a 'postal auction'. This means that lots are sold only to bidders who have entered their bids in writing. Bids may be entered by post, fax or e-mail.

It is therefore impossible to be outbid at the last moment by bidders in the auction-room.

We never give information about the highest bid already received. Only two persons have access to the bidding information.

Each lot in our catalogue has a 'reserve price' (in 'whole' EURO's). This is the minimum price at which bidding for the lot starts and for which bids are accepted. Bids below the reserve are not accepted, irrespective of whether the lot has been sold or not. We never deviate from this rule. Bids can also be made in 'half' EURO's

If you bid above the reserve, your chances of obtaining the lot are naturally greater. If, however, you are the only bidder for the lot you will obtain it at the reserve price.

If another buyer has made a higher bid for the same lot as you, we employ the so-called 'bidding steps' (increments).

A table of the bidding steps as used by us follows below.


EURO 0.00 - EURO 22.50 : EURO 1.00
EURO 22.50 - EURO 45.00 : EURO 2.50
EURO 45.00 - EURO 225.00 : EURO 4.50
EURO 225.00 - EURO 450.00 : EURO 11.50
EURO 450.00 - EURO higher : EURO 25.00

If your bid is higher than anybody else's you will be able to obtain the lot at the next highest bid plus the bidding step.

An example:

Reserve for the lot EURO 20

bids received:


If you are the highest bidder at EURO 34, but you will be able to obtain the lot for EURO 33. (EURO 20 + 3 bidsteps of EURO 1 = EURO 23 + 4 bidsteps of EURO 2.50 = EURO 33.)

Another example:

Reserve for the lot EURO 100

bids received:

EURO 100

If you are the highest bidder at EURO 150 you will be able to obtain the lot for EURO 122.50 (EURO 100 + 5 bidsteps of EURO 4.50 = EURO 122.50.)

The bidding step applies only when your bid lies between the amounts mentioned, in other words: our bidding steps start from the reserve price and do not work backwards from the highest bid, for if we were to do so you would have to pay EURO 124.50, i.e. EURO 120.00 + bidding step EURO 4.50 = EURO 124.50.

This means you are always cheaper off, and more so with higher amounts.

We do not accept 'buy' or unlimited bids.

You can also inform us of the total amount (excluding additional charges) you want to spend at the auction, in which case you may bid for a greater number of lots, thus enhancing your chances of obtaining a sufficient number of lots.

You are requested not to bid more than three times the amount you want to spend.

The auction closes at 24.00 hours on the date stated in our catalogue and on the bidsheet you received.

This is 24.00 hours European time. On the American continent, please take a time difference of approximately 9 hours into account.

The following morning the last bids received are entered and the definitive auction is run on the computer.

After this, we produce a list with which we can find the lots for our buyers.

Everything is then packed and the costs of postage per customer can be entered, after which the invoices are produced.

We always have three or four days' work before the first invoices and/or parcels are shipped.

If you have been unable to obtain any lots you will also receive a message.

Each invoice or realization includes a statement of all lots sold and the price yielded by each lot.

If you have indicated on your bidsheet that you want to receive the invoice by fax it will be sent as soon as possible.

If you have indicated on your bidsheet that you want to pay by creditcard, the invoice will not be sent or faxed until after approval by the creditcard company. As the creditcard companies do not, or hardly, work for mail orders on Saturdays and Sundays, it may take up to two days extra before you receive our message.

You are requested, upon receipt of your invoice, to arrange for payment pay by return, but in any case within ten days after receipt. (For payment, see our separate page).

In case of uncertainty you can always write, fax or e-mail to us.