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Terms and Conditions of Sale (Buyers)

  • Only written bids will be accepted.

  • Only bids by lot number will be accepted.

  • All lots will be sold at EURO's (EURO);

  • All bids have to be in EURO's (EURO);

  • All prices mentioned in this catalogue are reserves, unless otherwise stated;

  • Bids below the reserve will not be accepted.

  • We do not accept 'buy' or unlimited bids

  • The auction bidding steps are as follows:

    EURO 0.00 - EURO 22.50 : EURO 1.00
    EURO 22.50 - EURO 45.00 : EURO 2.50
    EURO 45.00 - EURO 225.00 : EURO 4.50
    EURO 225.00 - EURO 450.00 : EURO 11.50
    EURO 450.00 - EURO 2000.00 : EURO 25.00
    EURO 2000.00 - AND UP : at auctioneers discretion
  • The highest bidder will be the purchaser at one bidding step above the next highest bid. When the top bid exceeds the next highest bid by less than the relevant bidding step, the top bidder will succeed at his stated limit.
    NOTE: Our bidding steps start from the reserve price.

  • Bidders will be notified of lots purchased and must remit before lots are sent. Auction bills are due and payable within 10 days after notification.

  • The purchaser has to pay a commission of 10.00%; other additions are for postage, insurance and V.A.T. on the additions (exept postage).

  • Lots will be sent by registered airmail. Substantial lots will be sent by registered surface mail or, at the buyer's option, by airmail.

  • The description of the lots is as accurate as possible within the space available. Photos are part of the descriptions.

  • All lots are genuine and of superb quality, unless otherwise stated.

  • Stamps described as having defects or offered 'As is' are not returnable on account of their condition.

  • Lots described as to be of mixed conditions or lots described as containing 'parts of collections' are not returnable under any circumstance.

  • Should the buyer fail to pay within 10 days after notification lots will not be returnable under any circumstance.

  • Possible 'errors' are only returnable after notification by e-mail or fax within 7 days of receipt, exept late payment as mentioned before.

  • If the buyer wants to have an examination of a purchased lot carried out by an expert, he must notify this within 7 days of receipt of the invoice. After receipt of the buyer's remittance the relevant lot will be sent to him. Upon receipt, he can have the lot examined by a recognized expert. Examination must take place within 30 days after buyer's receipt of the lot. The auctioneers must be notified of the result immediately. In the event of the lot consisting of non-genuines, this lot can be returned, together with the certificate of the expert, after which the invoice- amount will be refunded.

Value Added Tax

Value added tax (VAT) must be charged on commissions and expenses (not on the purchase price) irrespective of whether the buyer is Dutch or foreign.

DESCRIPTION: ** unmounted mint, * mounted mint, 0 used, LETT cover or letter, disturbed gum = the gum has lost its original appearance (due to high humidity in the air or by other means) but not damaged otherwise, CARD post card, BOOK booklet, ESS essay or proof, MS miniature sheet, CTO cancelled to order, BOX large lot packed in box, LESH lettersheet, WRAP newspaper wrapper, PCOV prestamped envelope.

Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue, part 17, China, latest edition.

The Local Overprinted Stamps Catalogue of Manchuria 1945-47, Allen D. Kerr.

Yang Postage Stamp Catalogue of the People's Republic of China, latest edition.

Sakura Catalogue of Japanese Stamps, latest edition.

Michel Catalogue, latest edition.